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Bloomfire Spark Logo Orange 417x100-1 % 38 Bloomfire Hi Bloomfire, Today, we are pleased to announce generative AI and Enterprise Search solutions in Bloomfire. Explore the breakthroughs in our recent press release to get an in-depth look into how these innovations will elevate your knowledge-sharing and accessing capabilities. Introducing transformative features tailored for you: Bloomfire’s enhanced AI features are built for creators, consumers, and knowledge administrators across the company: * AI Author Assist: Elevate content creation by effortlessly building and refining high-quality, actionable posts with our generative AI tools. * AI Chat: Enable employees and support agents to effortlessly secure accurate answers from vetted company knowledge. * Enterprise Search: Empower your team with Bloomfire’s unified, AI-powered search engine that integrates seamlessly with SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, and external content sources. Get a preview here Short AIchat2 Why does this matter for your business? These tools are not just features; they’re solutions designed to increase the capabilities of everyone who interacts with company knowledge. From accelerating content creation with AI Author Assist to securing precise knowledge with AI Chat and expanding access with Enterprise Search, we’re redefining how knowledge is managed and utilized in the business landscape. Engage with the future of Knowledge Management: We're here to offer a closer look. If exploring these innovations through a detailed demo or engaging in a conversation about how these can be implemented into your strategy sounds appealing, do not hesitate to reach out. Best regards, Dan Stradtman CMO - Bloomfire Bloomfire, Inc., P.O. Box 270388, Littleton, CO 80127, 877.483.2777
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