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Best Cigar Prices sent this email to their subscribers on December 10, 2023.

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FB TW IG YT Best Cigar Prices Premium Cigars For Less MY ACCOUNT BRANDS CIGARS SAMPLERS SPECIALS $30 Off + Free Shipping on Select CAO Boxes! $30 OFF + FREE SHIPPING ON SELECT CAO BOXES! Reality is incredibly fragile. Just aย slight aberration from the norm can quicklyย snowball into a complete breakdown of sensibility. The unthinkable becomes the unavoidable, and all logic and reason is out the window. Such is the case with the disorienting discount that's been haphazardly applied to a crucial selection of CAO boxes today. In a weird twist of fate, award-winning smokes like CAO Gold, Flathead, Mx2, America, Italia, & more are at your disposal at a jarringย ย $30 Off + Free Shipping across the board, and suddenly, nothing makes sense anymore.ย  Up is down, left is right, andย the world class taste of CAO is going out the door for as low as a simple $61.99. Embrace the chaos. SHOP HERE Sale expires 12/16/2023ย at 11:59 PMย ET CHECK OUT THESE TOP SELLERS View product recommended for you View product recommended for you View product recommended for you View product recommended for you Don't Miss These Other Great Deals! DONT MISS u THESE OTHER GET IT IN TIME FOR CHRISTMAS! ORDERS PLACED BY 3PIi 51 ARE EXPECTED TO ARRIVE BY 1224 IF YOU ORDER BY: SATURDAY 1216 SATURDAY 1216 WEDNESDAY 1220 THURSDAY 1221 B ULV SHIP EXPEDITED EXPRESS SHIPPING SAVER SHIPPING Nt B e L A e HOLIDAY GIFT SETS & SAMPLERS STARTING AT $5.99! Sale expires 12/31/2023ย at 11:59 PMย ET FREE SHIPPING W RVARE e SELECT LIMITED TIME OFFER Fratello Freebies Sweepstakes 34% Off Joya de Nicaragua Boxes! Sale expires 12/11/2023ย at 4:00ย PMย ET 10 Free Cigars with Select Macanudo Boxes! WITHSELECT . TG RE S Sale expires 12/15/2023ย at 4:00ย PMย ET Holiday Handmades 20 Cigar Sampler Only $79.99 + Free Shipping! Sale expires 12/27/2023ย at 11:59 PMย ET 10 Free Cigars, Free Mr. Punch Bobblehead, + Free Shipping with Select Punch Boxes! CIGARS EEBLEHEMJ E WITH SELEGT lu; Sale expires 12/27/2023ย at 11:59 PMย ET View Our Online Catalog Promotions that require a minimum spend are based on subtotal. Some exclusions apply. In stock items only. Qualified items are subject to change at any time. Offers cannot be combined unless otherwise specified. Free Shipping offers ship via Ship Saver to the contiguous United States only. Not all addresses qualify. UPS restricted items such as some machine made and little cigars are excluded from free shipping promotions. Some items may be ineligible to Massachusetts shipping addresses. Not applicable to previous orders. This email was sent toย [email protected]ย by: Best Cigar Prices 1 Hillside Drย  |ย ย Drums, PA 18222 Forward to a Friendย  |ย ย ย  |ย 
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