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Introducing The Pærl Collection ⚪✨

Baxter Baxter sent this email to their subscribers on May 18, 2023.

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BAXTER BAXTER AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA 2 v o Y NEL YLV TR THE PARL COLLECTION SUSTAINABLY SOURCED FRESHWATER PEARLS A MODERN TAKE ON TRADITIONAL OPULENCE We’ve taken the timeless gemstone and given it a contemporary twist that feels perfect for now. Luxe, effortless and natural.  SHOP NOW  SUSTAINABLY SOURCED FRESHWATER PEARLS Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the collection features sustainably sourced freshwater pearls that exude a soft opulence. Perfect for layering, yet bold enough to stand alone. FRESHWATER PEARL STERLING SILVER BRACELET £48.00 FRESHWATER PEARL STERLING SILVER NECKLACE £68.00 15% OFF WHEN YOU SPEND 75 OR MORE WITH CODE: BAXTR15 S @ @ Go HANDMADE WORLDWIDE EXCEPTIONAL AS SEEN IN ENGLAND DELIVERY QUALITY INGQ Baxter & Baxter Baxter&Baxter, 1 Quay Point, Suffolk, IP12 4AW
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