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Discover a collection of content celebrating creativity

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Discover a collection of content celebrating creativity ABC YOURS Discover More. Log in Log In An image of ABC Arts week logo with colourful flower on the side Hello australian-broadcasting, Get Happy Making for ABC Arts Week! In its second year, ABC Arts Week is celebrating arts and creativity right across Australia. Research shows the direct benefit to mental health and wellbeing from being engaged in the arts – from playing music in the back shed, to learning to knit, to painting with the kids. This year’s ABC Arts Week theme of “Happy Making” aims to inspire Australians to get creative in whatever way they can. Dive into all things arts across the ABC this week, discover a collection of content highlighting the incredible work of the creative arts communities and be inspired to find a way to express yourself creatively. So, take that pottery class, pick up that sketchpad, or join that local choir! Explore the Arts Week collection on ABC iview complete with the best live performances and fascinating arts documentaries from Australia and around the world. The riveting story of the greatest art fraud case in Australian history is captured in The Whiteley Art Scandal, that takes a rarely granted, behind-the-scenes look at the glamorous and high-stakes world of art dealing on ABC TV and ABC iview. Or there's something for every maker, mover and tinkerer this week in a special episode of Art Works. Join us as we meet creatives from across Australia for insights into their making motivations and some how-to inspiration. They say to write/paint/sing what you know. This Arts Week, Life Matters takes a deep dive into the world of narrative therapy – how can you get creative with your life story and boost your mental health in the process? If you’re interested in hearing someone else’s story, Big Ideas brings you a panel discussion from the 2023 Cairns Indigenous Art Fair, exploring how cultural traditions can foster a sense of belonging, identity and healing through generational trauma. On the ABC listen app you can explore a wide range of curated content from the Radio National shows you know and love – exploring books, theatre, fine art, film and everything in between. Happy making. DAILY DISCOVERIES a large painting on a wall. Has Video. THE WHITELEY ART SCANDAL The Whiteley Art Scandal tells the riveting story of the greatest art fraud case in Australian history and takes a rare, behind the scenes look at the glamorous and highstakes world of art dealing. ADD TO WATCHLIST ► IMAGE OF A MAN AND WOMAN SMILING NEWS Margherita pizza on a marble bench top with yellow melted cheese, fresh green basil leaves and red tomato sauce. 'A MARKETING PLOY': THE MURKY ORIGINS OF PIZZA AND OTHER NATIONAL FOODS Scratch beneath the surface of some of the origin stories of the world's most popular national dishes, and you'll find a big serve of controversy.  READ MORE ► IMAGE OF MAN AND WOMAN FROM MOTHER AND SON CAST iview Maggie from Mother and Son series in shock with her hand over her mouth. Has Video. MOTHER AND SON: STREAM ALL EPISODES NOW When his widowed mum, Maggie, sets fire to the kitchen, recently-single Arthur moves back into the family home, only to realise he is facing life in a hilarious purgatory in which the eccentric Maggie calls the shots. Stream all episodes now on ABC iview. ADD TO WATCHLIST ► IMAGE OF FOOD AUTHOR AND CHEF HETTY MCKINNON FOLDING HER ARMS AND SMILING ABC Everyday A bowl of green soup on a bench next to a bowl of some shredded ham and a bowl of crème fraîche. FRESH AND BRIGHT PEA AND HAM SOUP Julia Busuttil Nishimura takes the classic winter soup and makes it fresh and vibrant for spring by using baby peas instead of split peas. THE RECIPE ► DAILY DISCOVERIES a close-up of a child's hand holding an adult ARE YOU EMERGENCY READY? This summer, the risk of emergency weather conditions is high, and the time to prepare is now. If it’s been a while since you checked your emergency plan, everything you need to get ready is at the ABC Emergency website. Find checklists and resources, to help keep you and your family safe. GET PREPARED NOW ► IMAGE OF 3 PEOPLE ABC Health Woman holding morning cuppa WHAT'S THE BEST TIME TO DRINK COFFEE? THE SCIENCE BEHIND YOUR CAFFEINE KICK How does caffeine work in your body and how much can you have? We explore the workings of this popular chemical. READ MORE ► CMM Content Discover more of the ABC on our apps Find out how to download your favourite app. NEWS ABC News Australia’s most trusted news ABC iview ABC iview Video on demand ABC Listen ABC listen Best podcasts and live radio triple j triple j Live stream music radio ABC Kids listen ABC Kids listen Music, stories and lullabies ABC Kids ABC Kids Entertainment for pre-schoolers   ABC CONNECT WITH ABC Facebook insta Twitter YouTube Your home of Australian stories, conversations and events that shape our nation. We acknowledge Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the First Australians and Traditional Custodians of the lands where we live, learn and work. The ABC sent this message to [email protected], these details are included to help provide assurance that this is a genuine email from the ABC. Any personal details and data acquired by the ABC from your participation in any ABC Online Services will be used only in accordance with the ABC's Privacy Policy. 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