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Only $49 (normally $119) and ends shortly. Don't miss out! A CVRLVTLE g START SMALL, BUILD BIG! Introducing Spacer by Spectral Plugins! Now available for only $49 normally $119 for the next fow days! A S L S M R S S SR RS PPN A Spacer has five effects modules which can be linked in any order to generats infinite FX combinations, but are also designed to work as independent processing stations in their YL Send your signal into orbit using algorithmic, convolution and granular reverb, and simple and aranular delay, to create dreamiike overtones, shifting soundscapes or con- temporary ambiences. Spacer s available for Mac and PC in VST, VST3, AU or AAX formats. Limited time offer, don't miss out! BUY NOW STANT DOWNLOAD [email protected] HOT DEALS ENDING SOON * Jrumeewputer P TrITrY: - 5 SO NN T 1 T T O wee o3 t o cubaoncey Ovoy g Lot s . a-:-a'lXS,au Hw i l"!.l.l.l.l.l!.l.ul.i 3 o o R il R Project Chaos by HybridTwo - 80% Off Fluid Pitch by Pitch Innovations - 61% Off Oxygen by Black Salt Audio - 81% Off . Ny b R LIRS P Ultimate Vocal Bundle 2 by Ghosthack - 87% Off VINYL STRIP – Modular Channel Strip VST/AU/AXX Plugin by AUDIOTHING - 68% Off VINYL STRIP DRIVE orr @D REVERB SAMPLER MASTER 80s Space by Nomad Factory - 84% Off rlelrrisor AVA VOCAL .52 o o PP P e Ele e CRONY s P ; : H: L o H : SO ' vvvvvv The Snail by IrcamLab - 81% Off 108 - Angels Strings vol. 2 by Auddict - 73% Off Ekorain & Sphaera Bundle by Audiofier - 72% Off e T P e e ve .. REr Lt ST DS Drum RCS Essentials by Red Pack Drums - 80% Off e DS DRUM RCS ESSENTIALS $145.99 L1 Re L S B somble 10* anniversary sale Save up to 70% * T ek ARTISTRYAUDIO % A STACCATO SYNTHS IN MOTION %-577: T P STACCATO LIYTTTRE - S0 e Ly 1104 MOTION ARP B C ge 9 cmcurromexers ol B I H L o oo N 3 S 2 P N H N - H E opENsPACES : H i - . k3 o s 2 bl 2 2 LY O Fx sEQ LI L% . . ' CETCI T L% T AN SENS ERLELL LSRR -, RN PZTRRTY Y ERLTUTT WJ Instagram Facebook YouTube Twitter
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