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Andrew Christian sent this email to their subscribers on March 20, 2023.

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AC Y113 A . UFE AL NS 3 BS ' - wi A nl" Ty Zit m 7 **EXCLUDES DOORBUSTERS, MYSTERY STYLES, SUBSCRIPTIONS **OFFER VALID THRU MARCH 31, 2023 Blog Let the Fun Begin WL%G%L FREE! Ny AGIOD MYSTERY GIFT W ANY $100 PURCHASE N R Share the love. Invite a friend. Get $30 OFF and Give $30 OFF when both spend $100 or more. NEW ANP HOT i Almost Naked Cotton Brief. Electric BI. View product recommended for you View product recommended for you View product recommended for you Fly Brief w Almost Naked. BlackWhit. Avalon Brief w Almost Naked. Multi Angles Thong w Almost Naked. Multi. Happy Thong w Almost Naked. Navy, View product recommended for you JOCKTHONG G AN 34 30% OFF LIS SIGN-UP BONUS! a3 LTI R R U CTE e Approx $67.00 Limited Time Only! % G m"gbk fof purchaslWy Coupon codes ane i Fly Boxer w Almost Naked, BlackWhi New Blog Videos Sale INTRODUCING g SEXY TOYS! L TAP HERE I LN Get $25 OFF S ST YtV Text SEXY to 7141 **For new sign-ups only.ย By participating, you consent to receive recurring SMS/MMS marketing msgs from Andrew Christian at 71411. No purchase required. Msg & data rates may apply.ย .ย Valid for USA mobile numbers/devices only. To opt-out, reply STOP. Facebook ย  Twitter ย  Vimeo ย  Instagram ย  TikTok ENSURE MAIL DELIVERY: Make sure Andrew Christian newsletters reach your inbox so you can receive exclusive deals and alerts when new videos drop. Add [email protected] to your address book or safe senders list. This email was sent toย [email protected]ย byย Andrew Christian Inc., 1631 Gardena Ave., Glendale CA, 91204 USA.
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