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Ana | Unforgedible Art Llc sent this email to their subscribers on October 31, 2022.

Stock up for next year at unbeatable savings!
β€Œ β€Œ β€Œ β€Œ β€Œ β€Œ β€Œ β€Œ β€Œ β€Œ β€Œ β€Œ β€Œ β€Œ β€Œ β€Œ β€Œ β€Œ β€Œ β€Œ β€Œ β€Œ β€Œ β€Œ β€Œ β€Œ β€Œ β€Œ β€Œ β€Œ β€Œ β€Œ β€Œ β€Œ β€Œ β€Œ β€Œ β€Œ β€Œ β€Œ β€Œ β€Œ β€Œ β€Œ β€Œ β€Œ β€Œ β€Œ β€Œ β€Œ β€Œ β€Œ β€Œ β€Œ β€Œ β€Œ β€Œ β€Œ β€Œ β€Œ β€Œ β€Œ β€Œ β€Œ β€Œ β€Œ β€Œ β€Œ β€Œ β€Œ β€Œ β€Œ β€Œ β€Œ 

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Stock up for next year at unbeatable savings! β€ŒΒ β€ŒΒ β€ŒΒ β€ŒΒ β€ŒΒ β€ŒΒ β€ŒΒ β€ŒΒ β€ŒΒ β€ŒΒ β€ŒΒ β€ŒΒ β€ŒΒ β€ŒΒ β€ŒΒ β€ŒΒ β€ŒΒ β€ŒΒ β€ŒΒ β€ŒΒ β€ŒΒ β€ŒΒ β€ŒΒ β€ŒΒ β€ŒΒ β€ŒΒ β€ŒΒ β€ŒΒ β€ŒΒ β€ŒΒ β€ŒΒ β€ŒΒ β€ŒΒ β€ŒΒ β€ŒΒ β€ŒΒ β€ŒΒ β€ŒΒ β€ŒΒ β€ŒΒ β€ŒΒ β€ŒΒ β€ŒΒ β€ŒΒ β€ŒΒ β€ŒΒ β€ŒΒ β€ŒΒ β€ŒΒ β€ŒΒ β€ŒΒ β€ŒΒ β€ŒΒ β€ŒΒ β€ŒΒ β€ŒΒ β€ŒΒ β€ŒΒ β€ŒΒ β€ŒΒ β€ŒΒ β€ŒΒ β€ŒΒ β€ŒΒ β€ŒΒ β€ŒΒ β€ŒΒ β€ŒΒ β€ŒΒ β€ŒΒ β€ŒΒ β€ŒΒ β€ŒΒ β€ŒΒ  My Little Cakepop, llc HAPPY HALLOWEEN SALE stock up for next year at amazing prices 50% off Halloween fondant molds this week. Use code: SPOOKY50 at checkout, or click the link below to automatically apply the discount to your order. SHOP NOW Spooky Halloween Bats SPOOKY HALLOWEEN BATS $12.00 Cute Pumpkin Mold CUTE PUMPKIN MOLD $6.50 Halloween Kids Mold HALLOWEEN KIDS MOLD $5.50 2 Cavity Skull 2 CAVITY SKULL $7.95 3 Cavity Skull, Spider, Horn 3 CAVITY SKULL, SPIDER, HORN $12.95 Bat Wings BAT WINGS $6.95 6 Cavity 2" Skull Cakesicle Mold 6 CAVITY 2" SKULL CAKESICLE MOLD $12.95 CALAVERA SKULL MOLD CALAVERA SKULL MOLD $5.95 HALLOWEEN CAT HALLOWEEN CAT $10.95 Halloween Witch Hat, Cat and Cauldron Mold HALLOWEEN WITCH HAT, CAT AND CAULDRON MOLD $9.95 Spooky Haunted Halloween Tree w. Cat and Owl SPOOKY HAUNTED HALLOWEEN TREE W. CAT AND OWL $15.00 Skeleton Hand SKELETON HAND $6.95 3D Pumpkin Fondant Mold 3D PUMPKIN FONDANT MOLD $7.95 HALLOWEEN FONDANT MOLD Style 2 HALLOWEEN FONDANT MOLD STYLE 2 $7.95 Halloween Fun Mold HALLOWEEN FUN MOLD $7.95 Halloween Sprinkle Mold HALLOWEEN SPRINKLE MOLD $6.50 HALLOWEEN WITCH PROFILE $9.95 My Little Cakepop, llc 24681 La Plaza 340 Dana Point CA 92629 United States instagram facebook twitter pinterest Β© 2022 My Little Cakepop, llc
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