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Why you’re not reaching your goals

Aktive Fitness sent this email to their subscribers on January 15, 2024.

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Klean by Ky These are 3 REASONS YOUR’E NOT SEEING RESULTS IN THE GYM > FOCUS ON BUILDING CONSISTENCY, DISCIPLINE AND THEN DEVELOPING YOUR STRENGTH.  Start your plan today  REASONS WHY YOUR’E NOT REACHING YOUR GOALS. YOU’RE ALL OVER THE PLACE. In order to strengthen our relationship with ourselves, we have to get our mental in order. This means minimizing distractions, and focusing on what really is important. Having a set schedule everyday that you can follow will allow you to build discipline and consistency. Buy or create a solid workout plan to help you stay committed. we have 5 different workout plans on our site for your specific needs. You can start with one of those! YOUR’E NOT RIGHTSIZING YOUR GOALS Alot of us do not see results because were doing too much on our bodies, and then crashing out. You can’t go to the gym for 2 days, and go hard, and then not go for another month. Always remember, slow and study wins the race. Doing purposeful small actions every day will help you ultimately strengthen your relationship with your health habits. Its not even just the gym, but getting outside also will help you too. Start off small to build end goals that last in longevity. YOU HAVE IMPROPER FORM Sometimes we think that because we’re lifting heavy we’re building progress, and then often get deterred when we physically can’t see it. It is because we’re doing the workouts wrong. Intentionally think about your muscle movement when youre doing the exercise so you can target the areas. Mind to muscle matter is a real thing! Focus on your form and actually completing the workout efficiently than the size of the weight. All and all, girl you got this. Its all up to you to finally get it right. START FINDING YOUR FOCUS TODAY BEGIN YOUR PLAN! Kleantivity P.O Box 6963 Malibu, Ca 90265 United States Powered by Squarespace
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