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Klean by Ky Vacation Special! Get all plans for just $6 Baby you don't need a BBL, u just need some at home workouts n good diet THANKS FOR SHOPPING WITH US, KLEAN BABE. USE THIS COUPON TOWARDS YOUR NEXT PURCHASE. ENJOY 10% OFF WITH CODE NEWMONTH222 Valid until April 3  Shop All Products  BADDIES WITH THE MUNCHIES $2.22  Shop  ey ULTIMATE ULTIMATE DETOX PLAN The ultimate detox Guide helps to rid your body of toxins and parasites. A meal plan adjusted for 4 weeks; helping to heal your gut health and get you started for your fitness journey. This plan is for those trying to heal womb, inner health and looking for a balanced life.   If you don’t know where to begin, start here. Nutrition comes first when it comes to getting your dream body. Don’t skip over the fun stuff. 🤍 Go green 💚 $2.22  Shop  BBL WORKOUT PLAN The only BBL we know about is Bad Bitch Luxury. This intense full body oriented workout routine focuses on slimming and toning the abdominal section and arms, while bulking and toning the lower legs. This is the intense workout I do daily to achieve the “BBL” so many people think I have. This workout is INTENSE! Challenge coming soon! $2.22  Shop  CHECK ALL OUT OUR PLANS! Handpicked. Curated for your needs. Subscribe now.  Check out all our plans!  Natural Ingredients Cruelty-Free. Paraben-Free. Vegan. 2023 klean Kleantivity, P.O Box 6963, Malibu, Ca 90265, United States Powered by Squarespace
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