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🦡 Always be optimizing.

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🦡 Always be optimizing. A ADBADGER Hey there, there, For the past 6 months, I’ve been in a private-test group with 40 high-powered sellers & Amazon PPC Marketers. It’s been epic. I had no idea how much I’d learn from peers in the industry. I’ve been blown away.  I’ve had answers to questions that blew my mind, and I’ve learned strategies I had never heard of before. I’ve watched people show up with issues in their campaigns and overall growth plans, and get them solved and dissected by supportive and talented marketing minds.  Turns out, when you bring together elite, generous, sharp, experienced people who work all day in the trenches of growing companies on Amazon, you get some pretty amazing mastermind calls and discussions.  So if you: * Want to grow your business on Amazon * Enjoy networking and connecting with others that like to do the same * Want to connect each week and mastermind with some of the most generous people you’ll ever meet * Want to get a new monthly training in the form of a masterclass in a no-pitch private environment (and then have those masterclasses extended with the knowledge from the community) * Want a place to solve your Amazon growth problems faster than ever before Then join us at Core. We’re opening the doors for 1 week with a launch party on Wednesday, July 19 here: We’ll explain why the doors will only be open for 1 week, and what to expect once inside in our launch party & Prime Day recap.  See you there!  Always be optimizing, Michael Erickson Facchin Facebook Instagram LinkedIn YouTube Ad Badger App 2028 E Ben White BLVD #240-4800 Austin, Texas 78741, United States Don't want to hear from me again? .
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