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N ACE LINK INC. HRTLBAC + LEVELIVPLATE BUNDLE WE'VE GOT YOUR BACK BUY ) " 3TN I GET THE SECOND PLATE ONUS Hey , In a realm where readiness and resilience can make all the difference, we're excited to unveil a bundle that redefines the standards of tactical gear: The HRT LBAC Plate Carrier Level 4 Armor Promo. Designed for the discerning protector, this bundle is not just equipment—it's a comprehensive solution for modern challenges. Introducing Your Tactical Edge: * HRT LBAC Plate Carrier: Experience unparalleled modularity with the Load Bearing Adaptive Carrier. Its advanced chassis system and “stiffened” cummerbund core distribute weight efficiently, eliminating pressure points and enhancing comfort, even when loaded with additional gear. The ultra-lightweight design ensures mobility, making it your ally in any scenario. * 2PCS Level 4 10×12" Hard Armor Plates: Embrace unmatched protection against .30-06 Armor Piercing rounds. Our ceramic composite plates, encased in weatherproof polyurethane, are rigorously tested to be truly multi-hit. Weighing in at an ultralight 6.0 lbs, these plates are designed to shield you from the most formidable threats without compromising on mobility. * Innovative Features: With UHMW Polyethylene and Ceramic (Silicon Carbide) construction, these plates offer extensive ceramic coverage over 111 square inches, ensuring broad protection. The harsh conditions-resistant fabric cover guarantees durability in any environment. ] [ [ ale (o¢ oo ! | I o2 P [ pumr == == et o s Click Here for the HRT LBAC + Level IV Plate Combo Why Choose the HRT LBAC Bundle? * Superior Load Distribution: Say goodbye to traditional discomfort. The LBAC's design facilitates carrying heavy loads by distributing weight across your body more effectively. * Advanced Protection: Level IV armor plates provide you with the confidence to face high-caliber threats head-on, knowing you're well-protected. * Lightweight Durability: Enjoy the blend of ultralight construction with robust protection, ensuring agility without sacrificing safety. Exclusive Promo Offer: Gear up with the HRT LBAC Plate Carrier Level 4 Armor Promo and step into your role with the assurance that comes from top-tier tactical readiness. For a limited time, this unmatched bundle is available at a special promotional price. Don't let this opportunity pass you by. Elevate your tactical gear with the HRT LBAC Bundle and embrace the future of protection today. Click Here to Check out Each Level IV Bundle Stay Safe and Protected. Logan Dixon, Ace Link Armor, Email Marketing Director P.S. Availability is limited. Secure your HRT LBAC Plate Carrier Level 4 Armor Bundle now and lead the way in tactical innovation and safety.
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