An archive of the best email newsletters from around the world.

DealTown is an archive of all the best email newsletters from around the world. It was founded in 2022 by Nick Drewe. DealTown archives more than 300,000 emails monthly from over 20,000 stores.

At Deal Town, we understand that everyone loves a good deal. But we also know that it's not always easy to find the best offers from your favorite brands, especially if you're not subscribed to their email newsletters. That's why we created Deal Town, an archive of email newsletters from brands and online stores.

With Deal Town, you can easily discover sales, deals, discounts, and product releases from your favorite brands, as well as find new brands and stores you may not have known existed. You can even read the full archive of a brand's email newsletters, giving you access to all past offers, discounts, and promotions.

Our team has years of experience in the ecommerce discounts space, and we're excited to continue helping shoppers save and discover brands and products they love. In 2018, we launched Wethrift, a coupon code directory that has helped thousands of shoppers save money online. And now with Deal Town, we're taking our commitment to helping shoppers save even further.

Whether you're a bargain hunter looking for the best deals or a marketer searching for inspiration for your own email campaigns, Deal Town is the ultimate destination for discovering amazing offers and discovering new brands. Join us today and start unlocking incredible savings!

About Nick Drewe, DealTown's Founder

Nick is also the founder of Wethrift focuses on saving people money by collecting all the world's best, working coupons in one place. While researching stores email campaigns to find the best coupons, Nick noticed that these emails often contained many other ways to save at popular online stores. This led him to create - an archive of the world’s best email newsletters for all the popular stores (and some not so popular ones).

Nick is internationally recognised as a Savings Expert and has been widely quoted and published in numerous publications including:

MSNVanity FairThe SunGlamour

...and many more.

About Sam Whillance

To assist with creating another quickly growing website Nick recruited Sam Whillance - a software engineer and also well known Savings Expert. Sam has been quoted in numerous publications including: